Aci SportChianti RacingAltitude Eventi gare automobilismo: la Corsa di Alcide è una gara di regolarità a cronometro per auto storiche che si svolge nella Toscana più bella
La corsa di Alcide 2017


Only race in Italy dedicated specifically to the British car brand MG.

A race of great passion where it faces the rivalry between the drivers that lead cars of the same brand, a challenge to the last cent between regularists most established of the historic British brand. Win the MG Dark Cup now in its fifth year in a row that already has a palmares of great race.

The race will be held on all 102 time trials, also included Trophy Macchi respecting the same rules, same tables of times and distances, as well as the same sport equipment and technicians of stroke: then a field race for Mg-drivers unparalleled in Italy, a unique opportunity for the world racing MG.


The drivers Mg, have always known where to put your hands in the engine and those who competed were often private, there wasn’t a real racing team. For this they have always been accustomed to getting from mechanical, elettric, , body shops, to check and calibrate their car by themselves, to have oily hands and mud. When they won a cup did not stay long … brilliant. Their hands had signs and color of the work, and quickly covered the cup of a dark patina. To give honor to those times born the MG Dark Cup.

The British and Tuscany

This Cup dedicated to the MG’s world is linked precisely to the territory in which it takes place this race: in fact the English people has always had a great feeling for this land, Tuscany, particularly in Chianti much to call it “Chiantishire” :in the 50s and 60s it was not uncommon to see one MG pass through the dusty streets. Those were magical times of discovery and Tuscany, in its peculiarity tourist, we can say has had a big boost just by the British.