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La corsa di Alcide 2017


Landscapes, Adrenaline and introduction to the Corsa

This ranking has always been present in the Corsa, since the first edition, but was limited to considering only 11 trials of all those that took place on Sunday.

Starting from this edition, however, the Gran Premio di Chianti has become an integral part of the Corsa, to which all of Sunday is dedicated, the day in which all of Chianti is crossed, an extraordinary region rich in landscapes and architectural marvels. Many teams participating in previous editions have declared that the tests of the Chianti GP are really very challenging, especially because to the technical difficulty of the trials is added the distraction that can be caused by the beauty of the views and landscapes that can be seen in these sections of the route.

The beautiful route scheduled for Sunday even if challenging for the characteristics of the trials is certainly less demanding than that of Saturday both for the length (420 km against 160 km) and for the time (13 hours of driving against 5 hours) and thus can be considered as an introduction to the Corsa that makes you understand the quality of the event.

All the 44 trials on Sunday will therefore be the battlefield on which to win the trophy, which gives the winner a special Prize offered by the Specific Title-Sponsor of the Gran Premio. The Sunday trials have very particular characteristics because of the environmental context in which they take place and the characteristics of the trail: namely narrow, winding roads, with steep climbs and descents.

It is thus that from this edition of the Corsa di Alcide it will be possible to participate in the Gran Premio di Chianti with a reduced registration fee compared to that of the Corsa, which allows participation only for Sunday. The participants in the Chianti GP only will not enter the classification for the victory of the Corsa di Alcide; while the Corsa members will also be in the Chianti GP.

Registration of teams that will register only for the Chianti GP must be done on Friday 8th June from 2.30 pm to 7.00 pm.

The team members in the Gran Premio di Chianti will depart on Sunday morning after those registered in the Corsa: the starting order will be the same as that followed for the Corsa, i.e. car driver ranking and car grouping.