Altitude EventiAci SportSuper Classiche CupClub Aci storico gare automobilismo: la Corsa di Alcide è una gara di regolarità a cronometro per auto storiche che si svolge nella Toscana più bella deenit
La corsa di Alcide 2017


In honor of “Eroica” and the white roads of Tuscany, for their beauty and protection:
three alternative strokes of white road in unique landscapes.

We have identified three short alternative routes on dirt roads to make you enjoy special corners of Tuscany: the length of each is about 3 Km …. you will enjoy spectacular views and scenery …. that absolutely no one can admire from the asphalt parts.

All sections concerned have shortcuts corresponding road (which is shown on the complete road book), so the lowest rate at which you will travel the roads will be more or less offset by a lower mileage. The result is that either you choose the dirt road or the asphalt, the time will be equal. So you can choose easily.

The roads are in excellent condition, because they are prepared specially for our passage.
Where the Road Book you will find the icon strip must choose the path:
if you choose the road you will have to continue to follow the road book officer,
if you choose the dirt road you have to change and follow the road book titled “Heroic Path”, which is delivered along with the tender documents.

The features:

Via Vecchia -km.2 – short uphill path that will make you enjoy a wonderful image of San Gimignano.
Vertine – km.4 – A total immersion in a distillate of Chianti vineyards, olive groves, villas, a beautiful authentic Chianti village, hills, and unique views
Lucardo – km.2 – Panoramic path on the hills of Chianti
The Castle – km. 2 – After the climb through the woods, it opens a fantastic side with the Brolio Castle, extraordinary building that dominates the valley untill Siena.

Along each section there will be a position of control to stamp with “special commissioners”: the crews that will transit on the three sections, covering so all the “Heroic Path” and getting their stamps, will receive a special heroic tribute. Among these crews that will achieve the best position in the classification of the GP of Chianti earn the special prize of free participation to “L’Eroica 2018”.


“L’Eroica” was the first event, twenty years ago, to emphasize and recognize the immense value that the dirt roads have in the Tuscan countryside, and to preserve them:

This event of historical bicycles ( owes its fame to the non-competitive spirit and its location, which is right on dirt roads: 205 km of beautiful roads, fantastic landscapes that only Tuscany can offer.

The world famous brought this amazing event to have more than six thousand participants each edition from all corners of the world to race with a historic bike along these charming roads: over 4000 requests for registration rejected for lack of space and host: incredible!!!

La Corsa di Alcide binds to “Eroica” in the crusade in defense and maintenance of dirt roads: this year for promoting this fight the organization created just in the Corsa a path of heroic traits roads specially prepared, very spectacular and sights, of great charm and beauty, the ones where you race the Eroica. A special experience allows to the participants to revive the days when the cars run on dirt roads and the pilot had to really know how to drive.

The awards will be given just by the creator of ”L’Eroica”, Giancarlo Brocci, who has made the event grow really worldwide, so much so that now “Eroica” is played in Japan, California, England, Spain, South Africa and with several requests from other countries.

Giancarlo Brocci from Gaiole is a true Chianti-man, extraordinary person of great kindness and wit, who despite his worldwide success is always tied to the healthy and simple things of the country, so much so that when he returns to his Gaiole is easy to find him at the Circle of Gaiole to play bowling or ride on his bike it will be with us to give glory to “L’ Eroica” and “La Corsa”.