Altitude EventiAci SportSuper Classiche CupClub Aci storico gare automobilismo: la Corsa di Alcide è una gara di regolarità a cronometro per auto storiche che si svolge nella Toscana più bella deenit
La corsa di Alcide 2017


The historical reference of this race comes by the Group Alcide, enterprise about hospitality and restoration which has lived since 1849 in Poggibonsi (over 160 years) run for six generations by the family Ancillotti: particularly by the exploits of brothers Beppe and Sandro, the children of Alcide Ancillotti. So this is not a historical re-enactment of some race car,but the celebration of a social anf of life history, closely linked to the Tuscan territory.

In the 20 Alcide Ancillotti began to propose fish dishes in his restaurant in Poggibonsi was a group of workers of Livorno who worked in the maintenance of railways to give him the idea: so began to buy fresh fish in Porto Ercole for his restaurant.

Following Alcide gave birth to a wholesale business of fish that developed exponentially in the next decade. To give the final push were the sons Sandro and Beppe, especially Beppe, who was still a minor train around Italy to find the fish to buy and, always by train, it was sending in Poggibonsi.

In the late 30s the fish trade was big, well, the Ancillotti Company bought some vans to transport the fish that was purchased above the Argentario, (at the time the place par excellence of ports, fishing boats and fishermen): these van were led by Beppe and Sandro.

Thus began the long races: the vans were not refrigerated so to bring the fresh fish you had to run, the roads to the sea were not as now and travel times endless. A bustle of small trucks and vans that marked time in the valleys, with precision of Swiss-clock along the rugged roads of Tuscany, running like crazy: deliveries had to be done with extreme punctuality.

Races ended In the 60’s when born refrigerated vehicles and all took a trend quieter and less frenetic: the fish could easily stand in refrigerator trucks for many hours