Altitude EventiAci SportSuper Classiche CupClub Aci storico gare automobilismo: la Corsa di Alcide è una gara di regolarità a cronometro per auto storiche che si svolge nella Toscana più bella deenit
La corsa di Alcide 2017

Starting this year, ACI Sport has organised a trophy called the “SuperClassic Cup”, which includes the races that ACI Sport considers the best in Italy after the “Grandi Eventi”. A list of seven beautiful and exciting races, each one with its own features and distinctive routes, landscapes and challenges, which will be completed by 15 July 2018.

The eighth edition of the Corsa di Alcide
has been chosen by ACI Sport
as the SuperClassic Cup’s Tuscan race,

an accolade that rewards eight years of commitment and hard work by Altitude Eventi, working to create a Tuscany-based classic car reliability trial that can compare with the best national and international competitions and at the same time promote Tuscany, an extraordinary region rich in culture, cities and landscapes that the Corsa allows spectators to experience in a truly special way.

8-9-10 JUNE 2018   
the Tuscan stage of the SuperClassic Cup – ACI Sport