Aci SportChianti RacingAltitude Eventi gare automobilismo: la Corsa di Alcide è una gara di regolarità a cronometro per auto storiche che si svolge nella Toscana più bella
La corsa di Alcide 2017


Caution !!! the trailer parking area is not the same of the previous editions.

A conveniently restricted area has been arranged for parking trailers , or any car carriers : this is a large portion of the parking lot, which is 1.6 km away the exit   POGGIBONSI SUD along the SGC Florence-Siena (WARNING !!! … the exit is Poggibonsi-Sud and not Poggibonsi Nord). Starting from the highway you can find  Signposts that indicate how to reach the area. Crews arriving with trailers  will unload the historic car in the parking lot reserved for trailers, and they can reach the room scrutineering and registration with the single historic car. Administrative checks will be carried in the Hotel Alcide’s  Sala Nuova, next to which was scheduled a parking area reservede for only historic cars: in this area there will be absolute prohibition of parking trailers or modern cars: in this area it will not be possible  to discharge the trailers.

carrelli_2016-Download the map in pdf